Monday, January 12, 2015

Votes are In! Mobile is Leading Marketing Trend for 2015

But it’s more than just the leading trend across many 2015 prognostications. It is going to be the strategic driver of much that happens in the digital space in 2015.

And since digital is increasingly driving overall marketing strategy, mobile will indeed have a pervasive influence this year.

What is really important is that mobile is more than devices, it is more than a platform. Some have described it as a “layer,” which in an IT sense seems applicable. It has also been suggested that mobile is so important that it is a strategy. Thinking about it, I have decided that the best term is “ecosystem.” That’s not a new description, but it seems to mostly be used by techs talking about systems, not marketers talking about strategy. Geoff  Ramsey of eMarketer calls mobile the “Swiss Army Knife” of marketing.

In reviewing many prognostications about marketing in 2015, I made a list of aspects of the marketing mobile ecosystem. Here are five of the most important ways mobile will affect marketing in 2015:

1. Mobile-first marketing strategies. Many experts agree on the importance of putting mobile first when developing marketing strategies. So many people consume so much content on mobile—and an increasing number are connected to the Internet only by mobile—that the mobile experience is taking center stage.
2. Video will be the content of choice. says that the video play button will represent the most compelling call to action for marketers. Video creates a compelling presence on mobile for brands that use it creatively in pursuit of their strategy.
3. Apps increase role as favored access for consumers. Much of consumers’ mobile time is spent on apps, not on the Internet. That makes apps more important for marketers who can use them in ways that are targeted, personalized and an integral part of the consumer decision journey. Some will go along on that journey as wearables.
4. Mobile payments will take off. Payment systems are more available, more widely accepted by retailers and easier to use. The danger in this one is a hack that destroys consumer confidence in the systems.
5. Connectivity will grow.  Connected cars and houses have become reality. The “Internet of Things” will have a large impact on daily life and the way consumers view products and brands.

The Outcome—Omnichannel Consumer Experience Takes Center Stage. As mobile permeates all channels—from communications, to retail, to ecommerce—the omnichannel experience will be increasingly defined by the mobile experience. That makes the totality of consumer experience critical to brand success. And creating seamlessly excellent customer experience across many online and offline channels is difficult.

I hope you’ll also find these in-depth resources useful and that you will add your comments and insights on this look ahead to 2015!

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