Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vine Videos Promote Animal Adoptions

First published on February 24, 2013.

On January 24 [2013] Twitter launched Vine, a platform for 6 second looping videos. Right now they are mobile-only. The free app can be downloaded at the App Store.

The New York Humane Society was one of the first users. They tweeted a video of Parker the cat.

The good news is that Parker found a home as a direct result of the video. NYHS was smart enough to tweet again, the image I captured, announcing that Parker had found his new home.

Good job!

The Humane Society of New York continues to use Vine to promote adoptions and to support their fundraising. 


datta clan said...

I wish somebody would see this as a tool to drive change. 'Sting Operations' are in fashion in India. Vigilante styled operations by citizens trying to capture video footage of corrupt Govt officials taking bribe etc. This would be beautifully put to use is short enough and on a SM platform that is very socially 'driven'. I like!

MaryLou Roberts said...

That's a reasonable suggestion for us of the platform. I just hope people are careful when they act as citizen journalists!